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Using Clymer Manuals for Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Maintenance and Repair

Whatever power equipment you use, whether it’s a lawn mower, pressure washer, chainsaw, generator, snow blower, or weed-whacker, maybe even a mini-bike, you don’t take it for granted that it just works. You need to take care of it. From the moment you put down you hard-earned cash on it, whether it’s for business or pleasure, taking care of your power equipment helps it take care of you. You wouldn’t leave car or truck maintenance and repair to chance, so why would you leave your power equipment care to chance? Get yourself a Clymer Manual for Briggs & Stratton small engines to give you a leg up on maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair.

To say that Briggs & Stratton small engines are “everywhere” would indeed be an understatement. Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of gasoline-powered small engines for outdoor power equipment, and it’s estimated that some 80% of the world’s small engines are engineered or manufactured by Briggs & Stratton Company. Briggs & Stratton didn’t become the world’s largest small engine producer by cutting corners, but by engineering and manufacturing a quality engine. When it comes to maintenance on your Briggs & Stratton-powered equipment, cutting corners doesn’t do you or your equipment any good, which makes a Clymer Manual the perfect addition to your toolbox.

Really, the most important tool in your toolbox isn’t a screwdriver or ratchet and socket, but a complete and accurate repair manual. Unfortunately, many of the manuals for these small engines aren’t even in print anymore, but the next best thing has you covered: a Clymer Manual for your Briggs & Stratton small engine.

Each Clymer Manual is based on a complete Briggs & Stratton small engine tear-down, with complete step-by-step instructions. Labeled photos and illustrations help you to know exactly what you’re looking at. The quick-reference section includes information you’re likely to need more often, such as fuel, lubricant, spark plug, engine specifications, and other tips, but maintenance is the mainstay of any power equipment’s longevity and reliability.

Clymer Manuals for Briggs & Stratton small engines contains relevant maintenance information for dozens of models in the same engine family. Still, despite regular maintenance, wear and tear and damage can cause problems, for which the troubleshooting section is indispensable to help you determine the root cause, whether you’re a master mechanic or do-it-yourselfer. Then, once you’ve determined the cause, dive right into the appropriate repair section. Clymer Manuals are filled with factory repair data, as well as hands-on professional repair tips.

With Briggs & Stratton engines going back just over a century, our master mechanics have learned a lot, not only the best ways to keep them running, but the easiest ways to troubleshoot and repair them. Buying a Clymer Manual isn’t just buying a repair manual, but helps you take advantage of decades of small engine repair experience. In the end, when it comes to taking care of your power equipment, the more experience you have at your disposal, the less time you’ll spend taking care of things and the more time you’ll spend getting things done, maybe even have a little fun.


Repair Your Luxury Car with Chilton Repair Manuals

If you drive a luxury car, you probably wonder if there are any ways to save money keeping it on the road. Now, we’re not talking to people who can afford to buy a new luxury car, but those who’ve waited for depreciation and mileage to siphon a fair double-digit percentage off its value. After all, most people who can afford to buy new usually don’t worry about how much it costs, and usually don’t get their hands dirty doing it themselves. On the other hand, owning and maintaining a luxury car, as a do-it-yourselfer, doesn’t mean you have to leave maintenance and repair of your Lexus, Audi, BMW, or Volvo in the hands of expensive technicians.

Unfortunately, many DIYers shy away from luxury cars because they seem to be so complex. Really, they’re not that much more complicated than economy cars. An engine is still an engine and a circuit is still a circuit – there are just more of them. For the most part, you don’t even need special tools or special training to maintain, diagnose, or repair the most common problems on your luxury car, no matter how old it is. Of course, the most valuable tool in any toolbox is not an array of 10-mm sockets, but a good repair manual.

Chilton Lexus Repair Manuals cover 1997-2006 Lexus ES 300 and Lexus ES 330 and 1999-2006 Lexus RX 300 and Lexus RX 330.

Chilton Audi Repair Manuals cover 1996-2008 Audi A4 Sedan, Avant, and Cabriolet, including 1.8L turbocharged I4 and 2.8L V6 engines.

Chilton BMW Repair Manuals cover dozens of models, including 1970-1988 BMW 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 Series, 1999-2010 BMW 3 Series, and 1999-2005 BMW Z4.

Chilton Volvo Repair Manuals cover 1970-1989 Volvo 1800, 142, 144, 145, 164, 242, 244, 245, 262, 264, 265, 740, 760, 780, DL, GL, GT, GLE, GLT, and Coupe, including diesel and turbocharged models, and 1990-1998 Volvo Coupe, 240, 740, 760, 780, 850, 940, 960, C70, S70, S90, V70, and V90.

All Chilton Repair Manuals are written for the DIYer, based on a complete teardown and rebuild of the car. Authors, photographers, and mechanics work side-by-side to develop easier ways to repair these vehicles without special tools. With step-by-step instructions, photographs, and detailed electrical wiring diagrams, luxury car repair is easy to understand and follow. The best part is that you’ll save money on labor, you’ll learn more about how your car works, and there’s no greater feeling than having done it on your own.

Can you use Chilton Repair Manuals to repair your luxury car? Absolutely! Chilton Repair Manuals are available for hundreds of vehicles, some of them going back as far as 1949! If you’re looking to keep your luxury car in good repair, have a mechanic’s tool set, and are ready to get your hands dirty, picking up a Chilton Repair Manual should be your first move. Chilton Repair Manuals are available in autoparts stores nation-wide and online, at They also make repair manuals for Cadillacs, Saturn, Volkswagen and Mazda.