Why build your own car?

Building a car from scratch or refurbishing a damaged or neglected vehicle is a task that few undertake and even fewer who see it to the finish line. Its a monumental task not only requiring a lot of time, hard work, technical skills, dedication, but also requiring a fat wallet, cross country trips to find just the right part that you need and multiple days and nights spent pouring your sweat and blood into the car. The downside is that even after careful planning and execution the end result is not what you had expected.

That’s where we come into the picture. Life in a car was set up to offer an exclusive service where we are in the business of matchmaking car lovers with their dream car. This means working on a customized project for you to develop a car that is all about you without you having to worry about winning the auction for that rare carburetor or scouring multiple junkyards to find the set of hubcaps for your machine.

So come take a look at what we are all about, our success stories and the happy customers who will enjoy their Life In A Car!!!

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